Thursday, August 7, 2014

The feminist conundrum

Disclaimer:  The following statement should be taken 'generally' not personally.

The feminists run rampant, shouting pleas of "We shall be heard!"  and "We can rise in society just as well as men can!"  All this, whilst prancing about exposing ninety percent of what should be kept personal, their bodies!

It is clinically shown that the parts of a man's brain that lights up when he see's a screw driver or a hammer is the same part of the brain being used when he see's an immodest woman.  His mind registers something like, "tool... to use"

This is a healthy function for men and women, but only in the right setting.  It is good, when it is used in a personal intimate relationship (where a woman has consciously decided to give herself to him, because he has gained her valuable and precious trust). But rather we see, in much of society, flying through internet pages, and yelling at us on screen, complete strangers who have consciously decided to give some of her most precious and sacred parts to the world?  Thus a man may be prone to see all women generally as a tool, to be used however he pleases ... similar to the way he see's a screwdriver or a hammer.  So tell me, how is this accomplishing the feminist goal of showing society that we are individuals, souls of worth, value, compassion and love?  How does this conundrum show society  that through our infinite talents and abilities we have power to influence the world?

So, it comes down to this; with our words we say, 'we are valuable and important", and with our bodies we say, "use and abuse us how you please."

These two opposites (demanding gender equality versus flaunting the body) can be compared to a drunk man, stumbling over his feet.  He grabs you, pins you up to the wall and says (breathing stench into your face), "I deserve respect, now you are going to respect me,  or else!"  Does the fact that he is demanding respect give cause for it, or are his actions speaking louder than his words?

Modesty women!  It's a big deal!  

Modesty SPEAKS the words "respect me" louder than the words "respect me" ever could.  

Thank you for sharing in my flow of thought. 
Feel free to share yours with me.  

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