Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Way I Read the Word of God

     I have been absolutely amazed at the power of reading scriptures.  But I don't
mean simply nonchalantly reading, as one would read a novel.  Don’t get me wrong; reading them at all is better than not doing so.  However I must say that lately I think I found my niche with the scriptures!   A routine going along with it that simply makes me crave more.

     It started out like this:  writing is a medium that seems to influence my brain profoundly, so I figured that somehow I could incorporate writing and scripture reading together.  I read a chapter in the Book of Mormon, or the Bible and I find a quote associated with it from lds.org or scriptures.byu.edu (excellent sources for finding inspired words of prophets).  I look for quotes that directly relate to what I just read.  Then I write my favorite quote (or favorite’s) in the margins of my scriptures.  Yes, I have to write extremely small!  

Aren't God's creations amazing!?
     Sometimes it takes me a half hour reading through different quotes to find my favorite, but meanwhile I am amazed at how enlightened I feel about the scripture chapter I just read.  Often times I find myself thinking “Oh!  That is what that means!”   I have occasionally found myself moved to tears as I feel the spirit touch me.  I am also enlightened to see how the passages correlate with my personal life.  

                     How do you study scriptures?  What helps you to absorb the words and feel the spirit?  If there is anything I have learned in this process it is to do whatever you need to do to feel the spirit from scripture study, not just read them.  I have seen a direct correlation with blessings in my life to this diligent study and receiving of the spirit each day.   

Thank you for sharing in my flow of thoughts.


  1. Sometimes if I find my mind wandering away from what I'm reading, I read out loud so I can focus on the words. I also like to write down the main points of what I just read so I can remember it better. Other times I like to look up a subject and study by topic.

    1. Cool! Those are good ideas. When you mentioned writing down main points it made me think of too, sometimes I like to write down questions about what I am reading. It helps me to think of it more in depth.